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Sudan armed groups renew calls to form new opposition structures

June 16, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) reiterated calls to form a leadership council for the opposition coalition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) pointing that the coordination body does no longer fit with the needs of the current stage.
In a statement issued by its office inside the country, the umbrella of the armed groups urged to dissolve the Coordinating Committee of the FFC, stressing that it ended its role with the end of the protest movement and the (...)


Regime change in Sudan,

Permanently Ending Chaos in Sudan

By Arlene J. Schar and Dr. David Leffler, USA, JUN/16/2019, SSN; The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) chief and deputy head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, previously warned that he will not tolerate “any chaos” in Sudan. Despite his organization ‘s strong-handed efforts, The Guardian reports that Sudan has indeed […]

‘I will not rebel because of position’-Philip Aguer

The recently sacked governor of Jonglei state Phillip Aguer Panyang says he will never rebel against the government even after losing his position. Aguer says that he leaves office with no intention of turning against the people he served so well. In an interview with Eye Radio on Friday, the ex-governor says the act of […]

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Health ministry appealing for funds to stop spread of Ebola into SSD

The Ministry of Health has appealed for 12 million US dollars in order to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus from Uganda and Congo. Speaking during the launch of the second Ebola Preparedness Plan on Thursday, the Director-General, Dr. Richard Laku appealed to donors to avail the money so that the virus is kept […]

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Government to borrow 500 million dollars to fund Infrastructural dev’t

The Minister of Finance has informed the council of minister that it intends to borrow 500 million dollars loan from the Afri-Exim Bank to fund the activities of the government. Speaking to the press after the council  of ministers meeting on Friday, the minister of Information, Michael Makuei , said that the loan will support […]

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Fight tribalism, Equatorian youth urged

A five-day consultative meeting for youth in South Sudan’s Greater Equatoria region concluded in Torit State, with calls for the young people to unite and fight tribalism.


The International Day of Family Remittances highlights the contributions that more than 200 million migrant workers make every day to improve the lives of their families and communities back home.Family remittances have a direct impact on the lives of 1 billion people — one out of seven individuals on earth. Added together, remittances are three […]

Military body wants talks with Sudanese who achieved revolution, Hemetti says

June 16, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The deputy head of the Military Transitional Council (TMC) said that they want to negotiate with Sudanese who made the revolution, not those who came from abroad, pointing that the latter foment a plot to create chaos in Sudan.
African Union and IGAD mediators backed by the international community are working to bridge the gaps between the ruling junta and the opposition coalition following the suspension of talks over power transfer after the killing of over 100 (...)



South Kordofan academics released

On Thursday evening, the intelligence authorities in Delling in South Kordofan released Dr Samani El Saeed Mohamed Ahmed and Dr Nasreldin El Rahima Kafi, lecturers at the University of Delling who have been held for two days in their detention centres ...

Women injured in North Darfur ‘land dispute’

Two displaced women from the camps in Kabkabiya in North Darfur have been injured in attacks by paramilitaries on farms, under the pretext of ownership of the land.

Sudan junta rejects international inquiry into Khartoum massacre

Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) says that the results of the fact-finding committee on the violent dispersal of the Khartoum sit-in on June 3, which, according to the Sudanese Central Doctors Committee, left more than 100 dead and up to 700...

مضى كشهاب.. إلى الأبد

مجدي الجزولي
كتب شينوا أشيبي في نعيه الطويل لمقاتلى الحرية في حرب بيافرا "كانت هنالك بلاد" عن مقتل صديقه الشهيد كريستوفر أوكيغبو عبارة عن الموت تلهب الضمير بجزالتها. قال شينوا أشيبي عن كريستوفر الذي فاز منه بنظرة أخيرة، ولم يكن يعدها وقتها الأخيرة، في خراب شقة أصابتها قذيفة للجيش النيجيري في عاصمة جمهورية بيافرا الوليدة، أينوقو، ضمن جمهور من المتعاطفين هبوا للعون: "فزت بالكاد بنظرة منه في ذلك الحشد، ثم مضى كشهاب إلى الأبد". سقط أوكيغبو في أغسطس ١٩٦٧ قتيلا بعد أسابيع من لقاء الشقة ذاك في معركة بالقرب من مدينة نسوكا الجامعية، سقط الشاعر والمدرس والوراق في (...)

عامود الرأي

Saudi Arabia says its support goes for Sudanese people

June 16, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Saudi Arabia is very interested in Sudan's political stability and keen to support the Sudanese people said Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) who voiced his concern about the rising tensions in Sudan after 3 June.
MBS made his statements about Sudan in an interview with the London based Asharq al-Awsat published on Sunday after allegations that his country and the United Emirates are encouraging the military council not to hand over power to the opposition (...)


Saudi Arabia,
Regime change in Sudan

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