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South Sudanese-Australian DJ Quick Seems Fuller & Bigger In This Selfie With Friends

The DJ is seen posing for these pics he took with fans , while in Australia. We couldn’t help but notice how, his grew over night.
By the way, his selfie partners,  are also south sudanese musician, B-Red’s sister.

Last Friday was massiveness as the spin Engineer aka DJ Quick made every party animal ran wild in Toowoomba Queensland Australia.

Quick! Is one the fast rising DJs in Australia. He has the incredible ability to control and please a crowd. This young South Sudanese DJ based in Australia is definitely a ladies happiness to the fullest extreme when he let the music burst out.

At any spot he spins, is always packed with enticing and beautiful ladies jiggling and bubbling to the riddim, dying for a glimpse of him and what he does. What he is able to do with his hands and 2 turntables is utterly incredible. He has surpassed the capabilities of most local DJs as he is reaching to present South Sudan at the international level. the vibe he brings is beyond powerful. He strides in keeping the dance floor moving and the way he feeds off their energy is fascinating.

DJ Quick spoke with one of our correspondent in Toowoomba (Queensland) last Friday in regards of DJ career;
Quick said “My style is untangible, like a wild animal Check the label as it goes round it’s on Capitol. That is what I am smacking you with cause it is easy”

Roxie one of the baddest girls appreciated DJ Quick’s mixing and spinning. She said “your whole style is bitchy
Switch me, mix me, somebody get me and
Do let me rip out my clothes”


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