[LIVE] Angola polls: MPLA’s lead drops 3% with over 97% of votes tallied

Angola’s elections body has released preliminary results putting the ruling MPLA in a commanding lead.

The August 23 polls were largely said to have been held smoothly and without incident across the country. The CNE has previously described the vote as one that met international standards.

#Angola #CNE: résultats provisoires nationaux
Mpla 64,57%
Unita 24,04%
Casa-Ce 8,56
PRS 1,37%
FNLA 0,95%
APN : 0,52%
Participation: 76,83 %— Sonia Rolley (@soniarolley) August 24, 2017

Six parties are vying to take over the seat of outgoing President Eduardo dos Santos. The political parties include the ruling MPLA led by Joao Lourenco, main opposition UNITA led by Isaias Samakuva, FNLA, PRS, APN and the coalition CASA-CE party.

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Follow our LIVE coverage of the entire process in the stream below.

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