Ugandans get scare: prisoner spotted riding police motorcycle in town

Ugandans could not come to terms with how a prisoner could freely ride a motorcycle without supervision in town.

This was the case over the weekend when a prisoner was spotted in the yellow prison uniform and riding a police motorcycle in northern Ugandan town of Kitgum.

A photo of the rare sight was widely shared on social media with questions being raised about people’s security.

The Ugandan police was quick to answer the questions. They identified the prisoner as Babylon Anywar who is a mechanic.

The police spokesperson Asan Kasingye explained that the prisoner was tasked to repair the motorcycle and was on his way to buy spare parts.

He added that the police had sought the help of the prison authorities to get the motorcycle repaired by the prisoner because there were only a few mechanics in the town.

The OC 2 wks ago req’ted Prison authority 2 allow prisoner Babylon Anywar a motorcycle repairer 2 help repair it. Was going to buy a spare.— Asan Kasingye (@AKasingye) August 27, 2017

The Uganda Prisons commissioner general, Johnson Byabashaija also answered a few questions on Twitter over the incident.

Oooooooh, the omission was not to carry a Prison Askari. Point noted for further action.— Johnson Byabashaija (@jbyabs) August 27, 2017

Oversight not withstanding.. possibly he wasn’t considered a risk..even trusted to ride the bike to pick the spares— Kyogereko (@Jeffssentongo) August 27, 2017

You r correct! Risk assessment is the bedrock of rehabilitation .— Johnson Byabashaija (@jbyabs) August 27, 2017

If it was buying spares…then what was he doing there???— ALBERT ABIMANYA (@AABIMANYA) August 27, 2017

One would be so naive to believe that. Just tell us he’s a senior prisoner who’s allowed to run errands. Ugandan know it happens— Mukinda Noah (@KMNoah) August 27, 2017

Police should not have attempted to explain this. Just state it has been an abnormal practise that will be stopped hence forth.— Denis Nabende (@DenisNabz) August 27, 2017

This is imaginative composition at its best ??
So you entrust him with money to go buy spares and also let him use the spoilt motorcycle? ??— Ronnie (@ronniekatwalo) August 27, 2017

But for this regime is rotten … some one killed a person he’s sentenced but again u see him n such a life?? How do u feel AKasingye— Benon Karaaki (benon_karaaki) August 27, 2017

AKasingye jbyabs ,I know Police and Prisons have mechanics, in case they don’t, let’s empower these institutions.IGPUGANDA— Dick Nvule (nvulescribe) August 27, 2017

The best lie would have been that he repaired the bike and went for a road test without permission and is regretted.??— Mwene’Mugiri (@Omutabaziira) August 28, 2017

Maybe define for us the term prisoner … I though he should be away from general population. Repairing a motorcycle isn’t an excuse .— A. J SSESANGA (@AshyMagnificent) August 28, 2017

He’s called Babylon, and here we are questioning his motives.?????— WoofyMatt (WoofyMatt) August 27, 2017