Danish gov’t ‘worried’ about humanitarian situation

The Danish Minister of Development Cooperation says her country is worried about the humanitarian situation in South Sudan.

Ulla Tørnæs, who visited the country recently, says millions of the citizens, particularly the displaced persons are struggling to survive as a result of the conflict.

She says this is because they lack food, water, healthcare and basic shelter amidst the ongoing violence.

“We are very worried about the humanitarian situation with two million refugees in the neighboring countries and two million internally displaced people as well as learning about the humanitarian workers having difficulty in access and doing their work,” said the Minister.

“We are contributing,right now, about $30 million US dollars to the humanitarian assistance and I look forward to continue very strong Danish support to the humanitarian situation in South Sudan.”

Ms. Ulla says the money will also be used to facilitate humanitarian workers to do their work and access difficult to reach areas.

While in the country, she travelled to Malakal and visited the Bandar Primary School where she spoke with the internally displaced persons at the Protection of Civilians’ site.

Ms. Ulla urged the politicians to restore peace and stability in the country, saying they are necessary to create prosperity to the ordinary citizens.