Updates on Africa travel and tourism [Travel on TMC]

On this week’s segment of travel on the Morning Call, we have information on Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles and something from space.

First to Kenya, whose capital Nairobi was named the leader in domestic air travel in Africa.

Nairobi is the only major African city where domestic air travel is outpacing international traffic even though long-haul international flights to Nairobi grew by 8%.

Over in Rwanda, tourism authorities unveiled a new luxury tree house. You can now sleep in a luxury tree house in the middle of a Volcano.

It is actually located next to Volcanoes National Park, the accommodations give guests easy access to daily recreational activities.

We also shared some photographs from space that make Africa look like abstract art. The photographs were taken by the European space agency.

Then to Seychelles after it was named the best island in Africa and the Middle East. It’s the second year in a row that Seychelles is rated in the top spot in this category by Travel + Leisure.

Have a look!