Presidential Advisor demands arrest of culprits of Gok violence

The Presidential Advisor on Military Affairs has called for the arrest of all suspects involved in the recent inter-communal violence in Gok state.

Daniel Awet Akot’s order comes after he facilitated a five-day peace conference in the area this week.

In March, four people were killed and five others wounded in a cattle raid in two villages of Abiriu County.

Last month, nine people were also killed and 15 others wounded in fighting in the same county.

The Commissioner of the area, Bol Madol, had told Eye Radio that the communities fought in revenge of other past conflicts.

A conference which drew senior government officials both at the national and state levels carried out wider consultations with all the communities in the state to try and resolve the matter.

Gok state Minister of Local Government, Mayom Malek said that six individuals suspected of participating in the violence were apprehended by the authorities.

He said the two are accused of perpetuating violence.

“They have arrested some of the suspects,” Malek said.

During the meetings, Mr. Malek said that the different sections agreed to disarmament exercise of the civil population.

He said the Presidential Advisor on Military Affairs, Daniel Awet Akot demanded that all those involved in the fighting must be arrested.

“We have identified what were the causes of the fight and remedies for them. The remedy is all those who are mistaken must be arrested. They must be brought to the rule of law. That is what has been instructed and independent investigators must be found,” Malek added.

Last year, two people were allegedly executed by firing squad in Gok after being accused of playing a role in deadly communal clashes between two sections in the state.