South Sudanese students in Sudan to pay fees in local currency

South Sudanese students studying in various institutions in Sudan will now not be required to pay their fees in dollars, according to the Minister of Information, Michael Makuei.

Makuei said an agreement was reached in Khartoum on Thursday to allow South Sudanese students pay their school fees in the local currency.

It is reported that Sudan recently demanded that foreign nationals, including South Sudanese pay for educational services in Sudan using the hard currency.

However, a series of meetings over the week saw various government officials from the two countries sign different agreements, including tuition fees.

Addressing the press on Friday after the Council of Ministers meeting in Juba, Michael Makuei said South Sudanese students shall – from henceforth -pay in the Sudanese Pounds.

“In the course of discussions between the two heads of state, it was agreed that all South Sudanese who are studying in Sudan should not be treated as foreigners, so this time, South Sudanese have been exempted from payment in dollars, but will pay like their brothers and sisters in the Sudanese institutions,” Makuei said.

South Sudan and Sudan also agreed to reactivate the implementation of the Cooperation Agreements which entails four freedoms of movement, citizenship, trade and other services for citizens from both countries.