19-yr-old US model sells virginity to Abu Dhabi Bizman for £2M


A 19-year-old model from the US has hot dirt money after she sold her virginity to an Abu Dhabi businessman for $2 million.

A 19-year-old model from the United States of America identified only as Giselle, has hit the jackpot after sold her virginity to a businessman from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates or a whopping $2 million.

Gissele, a part-time student in the US, had auctioned her virginity and said she would only sell it the highest bidder and after the businessman paid the handsome amount for it, she spoke of her dream coming true.

According to Evening Standard, Gissele said the UAE businessman narrowly beat a Hollywood actor from Los Angeles and a politician from Russia who had all bidded to have her virginity.

Giselle who is under contract with Cinderella Escorts, said she decided to auction herself off so she could pay tuition fees and go traveling round the world.

“I would never have dreamt that the bid would rise so high and we would have reached 2.5 million euros. This is a dream come true,” the teenager said, adding it was her idea to sell her virginity and that she approached the agency to make the transaction in order to feel safer.

She said she will meet the buyer in Germany and the hotel is booked while the agency has said it will provide security to accompany her to the meeting.

A spokesperson for the website said:

“We organize the hotel, stay close to the hostel as a contact person in case of problems and the girl can cancel the meeting at any time.

There are some girls who are looking for a buyer for their virginity on their own. It is safer to run this on our platform.”

Cinderella Escorts, run by Jan Zakobielski, caught the attention of the media in 2016 when an 18-year-old Russian model, Allexandra Khefren, sold her virginity for around £2 million.

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