South Sudanese men refuse to date me says Layla Kingston

First South Sudanese transgender Mr Chan aka Layla Kingston has opened up regarding how hard it is for him to find a South Sudanese man to date. The transgender who has been on and off relationships with foreign folks says he is tired dating Kawajat and Mexicans who dump him whenever they feel like.

He said,”I feel ignored for my gender transitioning and it is stressing me out a lot. I hate the fact I don’t have a real pussy because this is the reason South Sudanese men don’t wanna date me. I don’t know why they can’t accept me for who I have become”

Mr Chan added that he feels like a real women although his cookie is an artificial one. To him, he deserves any man’s love as he thinks he is more beautiful than most of the girls South Sudanese men are dating in her vicinity. He said he felt for singer Amac Don but to his disappointment the singer turned him down saying he doesn’t do ‘plastic pussy’

In his own words he said,”I wanna settle with a fellow South Sudanese but they just hate me for a reason I don’t understand. I have boobies, pussy, booty and all they want in a woman. Why do they treat me like a piece of shit? I have been looking for a South Sudanese man for so long and I think I am giving up.

As Kush Times we don’t have no comment because we can’t imagine a man sleeping with a transformed man. But we are not here to judge him or the suitors he wants. We believe beauty is in the eye of beholder and that’s why he got himself some foreigners in the past.

Currently Laya Kingston is single and ready to mingle with any South Sudanese man out there. According to him, he is ready to do long distance relationships. He is so much willing to offer visa to any South Sudanese man who is willing to take him for a partner irrespective where they are based.



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