Amac Don is bisexual says girlfriend

Wonders in entertainment never get better than they are of late. South Sudanese singer Amac Don is alleged to be bisexual by his current South Sudanese girlfriend Nyin Siro Madot. Nyin Siro who calims to have been keeping everything on low-key just let the cat out the bag this morning.

Nyin says she is happy with Amac Don but too bad the singer is opening his ass to his fellow dudes. Nyin said,”I love Amac Don with all my heart but the idiot is giving out his butthole behind my back. I don’t get it how a man can fuck and gets fucked at the same time”

Nyin claims that she bought Amac Don a green T-shirt which he never worn. In her own words she said,”I bought him a green T-shirt but I was surprised to see some white dude he claims to be his best friend wearing it the next week. This was mind boggling but I didn’t make a big deal out of it until I saw them leaving the great Southern Hotel in Melbourne last night”

The pissed off girlfriend says that she is defeated to understand how two mature men can come out of a closed hotel door. Kush Times heard rumors a couple of months ago that Amac Don has a dude fuck buddy but we never believed it until his girlfriend brought it to our attention.

Nyin says a potential break up is pending if Amac doesn’t stop this weird behavior. ”I talked to him about this shit on many occasions but he kept denying it. I bet he wants me to catch him in the act. I sure will and I tell you he will leave to remember that day. It’s coming soonest my bro”, She added.

We contacted him to comment on the allegation but he hauled insults at us making us look like fools. We had to leave him alone. We believe everyone is oriented to particular sexuality but if his is double then we don’t see a reason he’s mad at us other than getting mad at those digging his hole.

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