Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The Conquest [Episode 40]

In a day was planned for Dumebi and Ella to have a good time finally after all the trauma they've been through, everything went down the toilet for Dumebi.

She makes a feeble attempt to struggle, but that only pushes my dick into her so I pull out. she squirms trying to get it back in but I hold back. I want her ass hole and she is not robbing me of this chance, I bend over her neck again and entice the skin with my tongue.

Standing I reach for the tools she handed me and pulled her ass towards me, instinctively she perched her ass up in the air waiting, anticipating. I rubbed the oil slowly on her lower back, watching as it ran down and between her huge butt cheeks, she helped by pulling the cheeks aside for me.

I placed some oil on the hole as well slowly and gently, enjoying her soft purring, then I followed it with the lube and rubbed using my other fingers to rub her clit as slowly as I rubbed her ass hole.

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She moaned and sighed and gasped and I believe my cock was ready then. I pushed the tools aside and readied my cockhead at her entrance, slowly I rubbed my head against her slick hole pushing in just a little. She winced and moved away.

“Shhh dear I will be gentle” I cajoled, I was drunk on lust for this hole and I wanted it so fucking bad and was about to do anything to get my cock in there. I put two fingers gently in her hole and thrust slowly, while my other hand still massaged her clit. Then I tried again, pushing the tip in slowly and she jerked away after wincing. I almost screamed out loud in frustration.

“C’mon babe, I won’t hurt you, just let me go slowly. You will beg for more” I said trying not to growl. It was like something in her snapped because she moved far away and then I couldn’t believe what happened next.

“Get out” She said slowly looking away from me. My mouth dropped open, my hard cock stood pointing accusingly at her, still she kept her face away from me. I crawled towards her and took her face in my hands turning her towards me.

“Baby what’s wrong?” I asked searching her face for anything, anything that would explain what was happening right now.

“Just get out” She said unable to look in my eyes. Should I beg her? I was about to explode and she literally was throwing me out by the balls. What changed?

“Now” she said more urgently.

“Okay” I said my hands up in surrender, I crawled away from her still looking at her hoping she would change her mind and come and pounce on this dick but she never did, instead she got up and left me naked with blue balls in the room.

I sat there for some minutes, today was not my day I said as I got dressed. I looked around for her in the house but she was nowhere to be found and my anger built up again, who the fucking hell was she? I though as I punched a door on my way out leaving an obvious dent but I didn’t fucking care.

Ella’s POV

The house was bubbling when we got back, Audu was in a good mood. He had called ahead to have them prepare a great feast for the entire family to enjoy. The entire house was covered in red ribbons and I wasn’t quite sure what the festivities were for. Christmas wasn’t celebrated here, I thought as I looked around at everyone getting busy, carefully staying out of their way.

Audu probably had a new business deal that he was so excited about, my arm was suddenly pulled so hard and fast I felt it shift out of its socket for a minute. I was pulled into a room a didn’t even recognize at first because it was covered in red – he ordered for the rooms too? What was going on?!

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I turned to see a Ahmid’s mum half naked in a red lace bra which enclosed her heavy breasts and nothing down below. Her hairless crotch being slowly massaged as she looked at me with hungry eyes. I had to force myself not to roll my eyes, this was what my life had become in pursuit of what I considered happiness? I sighed inwardly as I walked towards her mimicking her smile, damn was I a good actress!

I fell into her embrace and the kiss. If she did anything well it was kiss and give good head I would give her that, she rubbed me all over without a word, cupping my ass and digging in to it with her long perfectly manicured fingernails.

One arm wound around her small waist while my other hand moved to where her clitoris was probably already wet and waiting for me, I rubbed the top of her lips slowly as our tongues rolled and rolled around in each other’s mouths. The Milf was moaning already and I hadn’t even started anything yet. She pulled away from my lips looking at my face, searching I think, she placed her hands on my shoulders and with that she pushed me to the floor.

“Come on, we don’t have much time” she almost begged

“Your husband is throwing some party I think” she raised a leg that had a 6 inch heel attached to the end of it on top of the table that magically appeared beside her and shoved her pussy in my face.

“Eat” She said, I knelt down properly and opened my own legs so that I could cum at the same time and I feasted on her flesh. The slightest thing made her moan and she could be quite loud, she was already moaning and jerking her waist against my tongue as I ate, my own fingers digging deep into my pussy as we moaned alike.

“Yes baby! Yes! Suck mummy’s pussy real good” She breathed, she held the lips open with two fingers as I trailed my tongue up and down slowly before I took the flesh in my mouth again. Her other hand squeezed her nipples hard as her waist whined, then we heard a bell which made us still for a moment. Was that a call to this impromptu celebration? She whined her waist against me more vigorously even though I was about to stop and get up before people would come looking for us.

“Don’t you dare move” She said, her eyes whipped back and both hands now leaning on the walls for support, her waist jerking all over the place as I felt her pussy swell then tighten on my lips, my own orgasm creeping up on me slowly. She came in bursts of showers all over my face, moaning low as she did so, my fingers were still doing their job there on the ground and she came down to eye level with me and licked off all her juice from my face and kissed me hard.

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She bent down and spread my legs wide roughly causing me to fall back on my ass and then she began to eat the fuck out of my pussy, I had to be the one looking for something to grab onto to steady myself and since I didn’t find, I just leaned back on my elbows, my legs in the air as she slurped all over my clit.

Fingering fast as she ate making my eyes roll to the back of my head and my breathing labored, I held on to both my breasts and tugged as she brought me to orgasm after orgasm before she finally stopped.

We were both out of breath after I had cum twice, she climbed on top of me and pushed me onto a lying position with her body, pressing her giant tits against mine as she bent low to kiss me. She moved her waist over my pelvis as we kissed, the kiss was wet and hungry and passionate and devouring, my hands went instinctively on her ass and squeezed tightly making her moan loud in my mouth.

But then we had a party to go to and I had to be the sane one, she finally agreed to disengage from my body after making my lips swell with her heated kisses, but she didn’t get up just yet.

“The plan is already in motion” she purred and smiled a smile that chilled me to my bones.

The feast was set on the longest dining table I had seen in awhile, we all had place settings and some of Audu’s friends and relatives were invited, even surprisingly was Audu’s other stepmum. His dad had married four wives, two of which were dead alongside his dad.

Ahmid’s mum and her young-looking co-wife were the ones remaining, the co-wife looked to be at least 20 years younger than Audu, I shook my head sadly at the things Hausa people were allowed to do. My seating arrangement made it so that I was seated in between Ahmid and his mum! Oh dear dear dear!

The dinner set out was delicious, many different local and continental dishes and still none of us knew why we were gathered there, people were just happy to be eating and enjoying this seemingly “generous” man’s money. Who am I to judge?

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I came into this marriage because it was supposed to take me far away from what I had done and give me some sort of security, a way to say ha! Dumebi, a billionaire wants me, who are you? Said billionaire is 32 years older than me o, but who is counting?

A nice dessert palate was placed on the table and I caught Audu’s eye raising a glass to me with a twinkle in his eye, he must have ordered this because he knew it was my favourite – red velvet cheesecake! I was about to dig in when I felt a soft hand rubbing up on my right thigh, Ahmid’s mum was eating her dessert with one hand acting like nothing was going on, but her other hand which had been inconspicuous the other night now rubbed up my thigh and to my secret place where I had decided not wear panties.

I jerked as she placed a long manicured finger in my hole and began to work it, the sensations building up in me distracted me from my plate, I looked up and Audu still watched me maybe waiting for me to take a bite which I did immediately, making sure to do it slowly and seductively. Licking my lips as a bit of whipped cream remained there. I saw his eyes cloud over with lust, he smiled devilishly back at me and turned to his older brother on his left side.

As if on cue another hand placed itself on my other thigh before slowly winding up to my pussy, it was Ahmid’s!! before I could shift so that his hand fell he moved it up to where another hand assaulted my flesh.

When he met the hand there he froze, he didn’t need to look past me to see whose hand it was, I could feel his eyes on me momentarily but I couldn’t look which was just as well because the grunt that followed made my hairs stand on end. He pushed back his seat and without and excuse he left the table.

His mother didn’t look perturbed at least for that moment, people looked at us wondering what just happened, thankfully Audu didn’t notice Ahmid’s abrupt departure. As I caught Madame Aisha’s eye I saw a slight evil smirk on her face, it annoyed me a little, what on earth did she have to be so happy and triumphant about right now?!

I watched her with a smug smile of my own, slowly devouring my delicious dessert, wanting so much to bite my lips in ecstasy but not wanting to draw too much attention.

Ahmid’s mum’s fingers jabbed inside me, she had joined the first one with another and my waist was moving very slowly against her hand of its own accord. I leaned forward so that another brother of Audu and Ahmid’s wouldn’t catch us as he sat on the other side of Ahmid.

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I wanted dick so badly now, I closed my eyes as I took another bite of cheesecake, one would think I was savouring the taste when instead I was covering up the fact that I had just cum and it had just spilled all over Ahmid’s mum’s fingers.

Aisha’s smirk died when she saw Ahmid’s mum’s hand re-appear from nowhere, now I was the one with the smirk. I finished up my cheesecake with a grin, still none of us had a clue why were gathered there.