Ogechi Ololo: Imo State commissioner can give you happiness, but not good English

Ogechi Ololo, Imo State Commisioner for Happiness and Couples' Fulfillment.

Ololo has proved to be quite vast in the use of vulgar expressions, offered as responses to Nigerians who questioned her appointment.

Widespread condemnation have greeted the appointment of Mrs. Ogechi Ololo, Imo State Commissioner for Happiness & Couples' Fulfillment who is also the sister of the governor, Rochas Okorocha.

Ololo, who was among a list of new portfolio managers is already hitting the ground running. She is building a reputation for her grammatical errors and has become a joy to watch especially for Twitter trolls.


The government official is quite aware of this and has blamed it on her low exposure when it concerns using Twitter. Yes, you got that right. A reason why her use of English hasn't been remarkable is because she is "new to this Twitter apple that's why."

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A bunch of her growing followers will be wondering what she meant to write in the quoted expression which is a problem in itself.

Nigerians have had to worry about people in a position of power in government executing their responsibilities, but never have they had to deal with an official with a low proficiency in communication.

A series of incorrect and badly constructed sentences  presented by Ololo have seen quite a number of jibes from Twitter users who consider her appointment as a wasted effort. Will you blame them?

Ogechi Ololo should grow a thick skin

The new Imo State Commissioner has experienced criticism from members of the public and her responses have been retaliatory, bearing a complexion of one unfit to lead people who are highly opinionated.


She has shown that there is nothing distinguished about her personality. Ololo appears to be the opposite of what her expected role of making people should be. She is petty and will definitely not make anyone happy with her use of abusive words. The commissioner seems more knowledgeable in the art of directing insults at her subjects.

Vulgar expressions flow smoothly out of her mouth and confident she is behind her phone keypad. Perhaps, the new Twitter 280 words counter is not for her. It has only served as a tool for uncensored replies.

"The SIN that your mama committed by not swallowing that sperm that was wasted on your production. Anofia, Onyeberibe Zombie!"

"Maybe if you just applied the effort in amount of makeup you apply for your face into your books, maybe just maybe God will have mercy on your exams."

"I don't blame you. I blame your bald head that no single strand of hair or sense has refused to grow from."


Her harsh comments offered as responses to the concerns of Nigerians based on the role perceived to be irrelevant, have proved that Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, indeed has no clue about running an efficient government.


His interest to become the next president of Nigeria may have encouraged his widely condemned initiatives such as the commissioning of a statue of South Africa's president Jacob Zuma.

The move received disapproval from South African citizens who don't seem pleased about their leader. For Nigeria, A Zuma statue couldn't have been more inappropriate. It was a time when its citizens have been subjected xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Author: Ayodele Johnson