Holiday: 5 family-friendly things to do this Christmas

Family-friendly things to do this Christmas

Here’s how to make the most of a family-focused festivity.

The holiday is fast approaching and schools would close for the year.

Running out of ideas on what to do with the kids? Try these suggestions below to make the most of a family-focused festivity.

1. Visit a park for kids

Unfortunately, Lagos doesn't cater for kids at Christmas. But, you can still visit a park for kids.

Chances are there would be stalls, a carousel or swing. Take your food with you and just relax on a blanket while the kids run around.

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2. Visit a museum

Take your family to a family-friendly museum to chill. Visit Mindscape Children Museum to really trip the kids. Children love this museum, they can role play as builders, run a restaurant, go shopping and many other activities to get creative.

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3. Shop, eat and wander through a fair

So many fairs are coming up this month. Stalls offer all kinds of tempting trinkets and delicious food for the family.

Your kids will love wandering around, sampling the wares and buying a gift or two for granny back home.

Whichever way they turn, they’ll feel as though they are having the time of their life.

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4. Movies

Movies are always a fun way to hang out with family. Of course, check the ratings for family-friendly movies.

5. Visit an arena

GET Arena has all the arcade games you can think of, and the one and only state of the art go-kart track which surrounds the complex.