Kiir pardons 8 corruption convicts

Eight individuals including four Kenyan nationals who were imprisoned for corruption charges in the Office of the President have been released, according to Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They were among 16 people who were sentenced to life imprisonment for their role in the loss of 14 millions of dollars and another 30 million pounds.

The release brings to 14 all the individuals released after six of them were acquitted by the Supreme Court in September.

The four Kenyans are Anthony Mwadime, Ravi Ramesh, Boniface Muriuki and Anthony Keya.

However, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Ambassador Mawien Makol could not name the others.

“These four Kenyans and other four South Sudanese; eight in total, yesterday around 1 o’clock were released as part of the pardon that His Excellency the President has extended to some inmates, including this four Kenyans,” said Amb Mawien.

Recently, some of their families appealed to President Salva Kiir to forgive and pardon their convicted relatives.

A source that requested anonymity said the two remaining individuals are John Agou and Yel Luol.

Was it an extradition agreement?

Kenyan media report that they were freed following intervention by President Uhuru Kenyatta after recent talks with President Salva Kiir.

Ambassador Makol said “if there is any other talks that took place during the swearing in of Kenyatta, then that would be an addition to what the president started earlier”.

“When we talk about pardon, in fact there must be another talk that was made on them. But the president made it clear the other time that these Kenyans will be released.”

The Kenyan nationals “were handed over to the Kenyan embassy, which then transported them to Kenya”.

According to Kenya media, the four arrived yesterday at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi at 5:45 p.m. aboard Kenya Airways 353.

Photos posted by the media show the four, accompanied by the Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary of Kenya, Monica Juma, and two Kenya other government officials.

Four Kenyan ex-convicts pose with other Kenya officials | Photo | The Star