Pulse List: 7 ways to make your December lit

Let your December be super lit

Do these 7 things and your December will be unforgettable.

December is here and this is the official month for parties. Whoop!

Now you might be one of those people who have never really made their Decembers count. This time around you want to make sure the last month bangs real hard.

Well no need to go anywhere, Pulse has got you. Below are seven tips to make your December lit.

1) Squad


What’s fun if the members of your tribe cannot have fun? Going solo to festivals and hangouts is plain boring. When you go with your squad, the fun is doubled and tripled. Squads make experiences bigger and more epic.

2) Itinerary


You could get lost in the litany of banging events in December. You could aimlessly roam around and miss the events that truly matter. Open your calendar app now and start saving the dope events on the calendar. This way your movements would be arranged and not random.

3) December bae 

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This is for the single folks. December isn’t a bad time to have a low key bae on the side. Hey, things are not official or exclusive but having a main squeeze would ensure steamy action during the busy December period.

4) Tick off something from your bucket list


What’s the point of having a bucket list if you don’t tick a few things off every year. Go through your bucket list this December and make sure you do something off your bucket list.

5) Go to an end of year party on 31st


Hey, instead of doing the predictable and going to church on the last day of the year, attend an end of year wild bash to usher in 2018 like a rock star.

6) Waka around cash


There’s no point not having money for logistics during this time of the year. If you want to have a whole lot of fun have some walk around cash with you.

7) Throw a house party


Last but not the least, gather up your friends and organize a mad house party, one that would be remembered for ages. Be careful though, remember what happened in Project X?