Admission Seekers: Don’t be discouraged from choosing these schools because of these stereotypes

Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma

Choose the institution you consider okay for your academic pursuit and let not tales from the past discourage you.

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME form is out and by now you must be considering your first and second choice institutions.

You have a choice of choosing two universities during your registration. One as the first choice and the other as the second choice institutions.

However, in doing this, you might be confused by people who have fallacious views about some universities or polytechnic and thus advised you against choosing those schools.


For instance, if you wish to study Law at any University in Lagos, Lagos State University and the University of Lagos are your best bet. But someone with negative opinions about these schools might advise you against this.

So, these are some of the stereotypes labelled against some of our Universities.

LASU and Thuggery:

One of the fallacies Lagos State University, LASU has endured for a long time is the fallacious association of its students with thuggery and cultism.


People who convey this sentiment often try to discourage their younger ones from attending LASU simply because of the indiscriminate acts of some students of the school in the past.

UNILAG and Prostitution:

The University of Lagos is erroneously associated with prostitution so much that it almost became a maxim that there are no virgins in the university.


Some parents have heard infamous stories about UNILAG girls who run the campus at night. They call them Runs Girls. Such stories made hem fear that if their daughters gain admission into schools like this, they might be dragged into sex work.

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OAU and academic failure:

The stereotype that is being bandied against Obafemi Awolowo University is a terrible one. It is the one that is highly antithetical to the purpose of the establishment of the institution.


No institution is set up to produce failed graduates but for OAU,  some people tend to believe that your chance of graduating in OAU without facing some terrible academic trouble that comes in form of carryover, poor grades or extra year is very slim.

Olabisi Onabanjo University and Cybercrime:

Among the people who hold fallacious beliefs about some universities, Olabisi Onabanjo University to them is synonymous with cybercrime. They will tell you OOU is a school of yahoo boys and it is not good for you. They will frighten you with endless tales of how cybercriminals derailed academic pursuit of the son of their former neighbour some fifty years ago.


Ambrose Alli University and Cultism:

Cultism is a scourge in all higher institutions but stereotypical stories about Ambrose Alli University has portrayed the institution as a hub of cultism.

Tales about this institution and cultism abound and fallacy peddlers would discourage you from choosing a school like this.


All the stereotypes attached to each university affect other schools they don't have such opinion about. So, do  not be discouraged by what people say about these universities.

Believing it means every one that attend LASU or UNILAG is a thug or prostitutes respective. And if you wish to know about any of these universities, make enquiries from any of its graduates and undergraduates around you.

Choose the institution you consider okay for your academic pursuit and let not tales from the past discourage you from choosing your best choice.