Calm returns to W. Lakes

Calm has returned to parts of Western Lakes State which experienced fatal communal violence last week, according to the Minister of Information.

Over a hundred people were reportedly killed in a series of clashes among youth in Chueichok, Mayom and Apet areas.

Several houses were also burnt to the ground in the violence that erupted last week over land dispute in Malek County.

The situation in those localities has improved following the deployment of security forces last Friday, said Bol Machok, the information minister.

“Those places are experiencing calm already and even the level of tension has subsided,” he said.

However, Mr Machok said humanitarian aid agencies are advised not to visit the areas until the security situation is fully controlled this week:

“Any humanitarian body that is coming to do assessment will have to do so after the security situation is reduced to what is known as level two, then they will be able to reach those places to make an assessment.”

Machok added that the dusk to dawn curfew imposed on the town of Rumbek a week ago is still holding.

The dusk to dawn curfew was enforced after a series of night robberies were reported in the town.