Gov’t protests IGAD meeting in Cote d’Ivoire

The presidential spokesperson has confirmed that Salva Kiir has written a position letter to Ethiopian Prime minister, protesting the recent IGAD heads of state meeting in Ivory Coast.

On 29th of November, IGAD Council of Ministers held a consultative meeting in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, on progress towards the convening of the High-Level Revitalization Forum.

Present at the meeting were representatives of Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia.

During the pre-forum, the IGAD council of ministers endorsed key findings with the parties to the Agreement, estranged groups and other stakeholders.

This move followed a briefing by the IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan, Ambassador Dr. Ismail Wais who presented the document.

The council then re-scheduled to launch the pre-revitalization forum mid this month, opposed to the initial suggestion, supposedly today.

In a letter circulated on the Social Media, entitled: Objection to the IGAD Council of Ministers Endorsement of the Pre-Forum of Mr. Ismail Wais, Salva Kiir criticizes the meeting.

“I just want to confirm to you that the letter was written by the president, but I will not want to discuss the content of the letter because I was not meant to be the recipient,” said Ateny Wek, the presidential press secretary.

He said South Sudan was not invited to attend the heads of state meeting and “the letter is significant because it highlights the position of the government of South Sudan in particular” to convey the government’s protest.

“The government is one of the very important stakeholders in the process of bring peace to South Sudan,” Mr Ateny stressed.

He argued that the meeting seems to call for renegotiation of the peace agreement with the opposition groups, saying it is not in the spirit of the peace agreement.