Imatong authorities recover stolen motivational cash

Authorities in Imatong’s Lopa County have recovered motivational cash for Lopa West Primary school girls.

In November, a team from the Girl’s Education South Sudan was robbed of 165,300 Pounds in the area.

A state government-backed investigation team identified the suspects’ families which were then forced to raise the amount.

After they failed to pay, the authorities sold some heads of cattle for the robbers in order to raise the money for 57 schoolgirls.

“We are going to pay this money to those girls because we are serious to see that all our girls get the money. The people giving this money were not happy when they heard this,” said Hassan Urbano, the Imatong state minister of education.

The motivational money is paid to girls each year as an encouragement to the parents to keep the children at school, under a six year program by the UK government.

The objective of the program, known as Girl Education in South Sudan (GESS), is to eliminate barriers to girls’ education and promote gender equality throughout the education system.

Each girl in upper primary and secondary school gets 2,300 pounds.