You Know I’m Just Joking By Ayomide Tayo: Why men of God are really attacking Daddy Freeze

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo vs Daddy Freeze 

Men of God are attacking Daddy Freeze while they should focus on the bigger issue.

Another day and another man of God takes shots at Daddy Freeze.

The OAP is the most hated man by the Nigerian church in 2017. Pastors are coming after him like dogs chasing a cat.

Daddy Freeze has a knack for making comments which rub people the wrong way but his comments on tithing have riled up people more than ever before.


The COOL FM OAP struck a nerve when he started to question the Biblical basis of paying tithes. With his Instagram account, he has whipped the Pentecostals into a frenzy.

In return, some men of God have insulted Daddy Freeze, calling him all sort of names. Others have gone ahead to curse him and say he has been possessed by demons.

What would Jesus do? A few of these reactions haven't been Jesus-like. Instead, to focus on the topic at hand, some general overseers decided it was better to bash an ordinary on-air-personality. The way some of these Pentecostal pastors have responded makes me believe that Daddy Freeze has hit them where it hurts- their primary source of money.


Now to be honest, men of God are human beings too. They have monetary needs too and just because they received a calling from God doesn't mean they have to starve. We know that these monetary contributions are used to keep the church going and help men of God keep body and soul together.

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However when a man of God starts to rock Balenciaga sneakers and Gucci pyjamas, then something is not right. Daddy Freeze is not challenging the Church of the Living Christ. What we are witnessing is the flashy lifestyle of some pastors being questioned.


Gospel business is big business in Nigeria. We have millionaire pastors and churchgoers who are deep into poverty. Fela Anikulapo-Kuti sang about these decades ago, so it is nothing new. I would prefer for men of God to come out and explicitly explain the concept of tithing so that everyone understands it. Attacking Daddy Freeze is not a smart move.


I would like to also point out that the way men of God have responded to Daddy Freeze is inspiring. Now if they could talk about corruption and bad leadership in our land with the same timeliness and zeal, Nigeria would be a much better place.