Award Of Roads Tender To Hon Nderitu In Kisumu County, Locals Should Be Concerned Of Quality

A debate is raging about the award of some road construction tender to a company associated with former Mwea Mp Alfred Nderitu. Folks are arguing, the tender should have been awarded to a local company. No one is mentioning the local company by name or even whether they have the capacity etc etc.

What I know about tendering and bidding and procurement though, is that it should be done competitively and then the best bidder wins the contract. It ensures value for money for the tax payer.

The debate about the 99 million Kisumu county tender award is influenced by the usual sentiments. Folks would have been happy if an ‘O’ had won the tender.

To be honest, I would also be happy if an ‘O’ won the tender but for a different reason. I would be happy that we finally became of age.
To be fair, we have a construction firm which I think is owned by an ‘O’. There could be others but I know Gogni Rajope. Sounds like a real ‘O’ construction company. I think they constructed the Rodi Kopany – Sori road. I dont know exactly the distance in terms of Kilometres but It will take you anywhere between 30-40 minutes to drive from Rodi Kopany to Sori depending on the speed you are driving.

Now the company which did that job should be awarded for mediocrity. Before the tarmac had reached Sori, there were already potholes behind them near Wi Obiero and Mirogi etc etc.

Put Sarajevo is another construction company. I don’t know who owns it but I know Sarajevo is in Bosnia. They did a fairly good work between Homa bay and Mbita towns but the construction took ages. I still don’t know why but we thank God because they finally got the job done anyway. I hear they won the tender to do the Mbita- Sindo- Magunga- Sori road. Hope they do it faster this time.

H Young did the Katito- Kendu bay -Homabay road. They did a good job and did it very fast.

On some things, lets look for competence and capacity. If we are not happy that ja Rabuon is doing our roads and earning on it, that is not altogether a bad thing especially if it is going to make us so angry as not to JUST complain, but to acquire our own capacity and competence to do the job. Opinionda!

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