Dear Ambassador Godec, Pass This To Your ’Shithead’ President Trump

By J Nyantino

The old grey mule motormouth @ the whitehouse’s oval office just can’t shut up! He just referred to African nations as ‘shitholes’….that can’t be more graphic…terribly unforgivable statement. .. foul mouth epithet!!! Trump Trump Trump…just from whence did this evil spirit pop from to feast hell on America and the world! This dyed in the wool racist should just leave us alone! Granted… We’ve done so soooo poorly in all aspects but we don’t deserve that horrendous slur from the most powerful baboon in the world… Thats totally utterly unacceptable good people! What does that pathetic half brain take us for.????.. Our leadership in Africa is thoroughly disagreeable… In many respects… It’s because we have singularly failed to cater for our young people that they hit the road on a tragic trek across the sea of sand that’s the Sahara to turn the Mediterranean into a vast cemetery… It’s why the Calistous Jumas…. Ngugi WA thiongos from our land have nothing to smile about around and work for Trump!!! A Trump who lumps them in the homo erectus variety… This is tragic good people…where did trump’s great grandparents hail from… Just who will give this fool some brief history lesson about the demographic history of America… Am annoyed… Veeeeery annoyed… The Villager… Seething with raw village anger somewhere in one of of the most beautiful parts of the world… The Great East Africa Rift Valley… That pin shit headed cretin should come and see it someday…. Mscheeeeeeeew!!!

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