”Why Are Kalenjin Leaders NOT Responding to Kikuyu MPs Attack on DP Ruto”?- Hon Kigen

By Micah Kigen
The entire crop of Kalenjin elected leaders, especially Members of the National Assembly and Senators deserve condemnation and rebuke for betrayal of community interests.

The renewed gradual disowning of Deputy President William Ruto’s claim to ascend to the Presidency come 2022 with the promised full support of the Mount Kenya voting block refers. Is it phase two of playwright Professor Francis Imbuga’s famous title: – “Betrayal in the City”?

Our MPs and Senators have buried their heads in the sand and sewn their lips as their Central Kenya Counterparts shamelessly; arrogantly and gradually begin a chorus of denouncing the 2013 election pact between the Kalenjin and the Mount Kenya block ahead of 2022 when the next Presidential elections are expected to be held.

It would only be logical for Kalenjin MPs who support the deputy President to remain alert and vigilant over the Uhuruto deal on the Presidency. Kalenjin nation would expect the MPs to readily roll out Quick mobilization and forceful rebuttal and condemnation of the Central Kenya antagonists behind this building betrayal.

The unprovoked denunciation of the deal by Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu, mirrors similar past ones by former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo and former nominated MP Njoroge. These people could not be madmen just shouting their own empty words. Could they be on fully assigned by the Mt Kenya top leadership to test the waters in preparation for the final assault? Why are they not being reprimanded, stopped or punished by top Mt Kenya leaders, even President Uhuru Kenyatta?

Some of us have always refused to blindly support the Uhuruto power pact that saw the Deputy President and his allies in Kalenjin land herd our community to abandon the opposition and support Uhuru Kenyatta’s election in 2013 and 2017 elections on the promise of reciprocation once Uhuru retires. Because from the beginning it had all the hallmarks of betrayal in the offing.

Our MPs are once more proving to be clueless or at worst political weaklings afraid to stand up for the community during critical moments. They should be at the forefront of confronting their Mount Kenya counterparts now reconstructing the political betrayal of other Kenyan communities which has roots in misplaced belief in a section of their politicians of eternal entitlement to the Presidency of Kenya to the exclusion of other Kenyan communities.

Our MPs should have energetically engaged in this matter to try and bring it to an end, otherwise it will aggravate and lead to bitter and crude betrayal and sidelining of William Ruto in 2022. Similar political thuggery has been unleashed upon other senior Kenyan leaders from other communities and has bred the current ethnic bitterness and political tension in the country. Notable cases of Central Kenya tribal betrayal still haunting the country involved:- Kalonzo Musyoka (Kamba), Musalia Mudavadi (Luhyia), Raila Odinga (Luo), Tom Mboya (Suba) and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga (Luo).Even a section tried it to block Daniel Arap Moi from ascending to Power to succeed Jomo Kenyatta but God intervened.

So it is time Kalenjin leaders led by MPs/Senators stood up to speak the truth to their partners in Jubilee and warn them loudly: – “Kalenjins did not support Uhuru’s election and re-election to perpetrate political apartheid, discrimination and Presidency capture in Kenya!” That will earn them widespread respect not only in Kalenjin land but also amongst other Kenyan communities who are angry at the Tribalization of the Presidency and the political torture unleashed by central Kenya on leaders from other communities who try to go for the Presidency.

But again, DP William Ruto should shoulder part of the blame in this mess. Many warned him a lot of times in the past but he would not listen. He remained focused on his selfish pursuit of the money being thrown his way by the Central Kenya suitors. It blinded him from reality.

However, it is never too late to make amends when something has gone wrong. William Ruto must now “Smell the Coffee” and return home.
Like the Biblical prodigal son, the Kalenjin will forgive him and receive him to start afresh; though concerned and unhappy that he and Uhuru Kenyatta abandoned and neglected development, welfare and security needs of Rift Valley and Kalenjin land between 2013 and 2017.
And President Uhuru Kenyatta should be ashamed of the sorry state of affairs and tension his Presidency is subjecting the country to. Under him a brazenly stolen election has shaken the country’s foundation almost threatening to throw Kenya into a civil war and ethnic strife. In fact it is only maturity, sensitiveness, foresightedness and remarkable restraint by the opposition leadership that Kenya has not degenerated into the 2007/8 breakdown.

Unfortunately, the well intentioned opposition olive branch to him to hold national dialogue to save the country from looming ethnic and security disaster he has arrogantly snubbed. Why reject the best panacea that can save and heal the country? If Kenya tips and falls into an abyss, President Uhuru should be the biggest culprit.

It is sad that the President is recklessly fiddling and with the very vital national dialogue issue and the DP Ruto betrayal agitation at a dangerously delicate time in the country’s political history. His attitude is a clear case of “TEMPTING FATE”!
NB: The Writer Is a Nairobi Businessman, Deputy ODM Branch Leader and 2017 Parliamentary Contestant for Keiyo South Constituency

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