Nothing Special Being Adeputy Like Igathe or Ruto

By Jose Githu for #cownews

There is nothing special with deputies like Igathe Nyoro or Ruto, the moment you decide to deputize someone you loose the luxury of reminding us how important you think you are…….

Personally I think education is overrated if these gentlemen are as educated as they try to convince us, why hasn’t that education changed them and made them the bosses instead?….. how come their education only makes sense on paper and not on practical issues?

Poverty is a disease of the mind, why are these management gurus and professors “poor” or not as well doing as their not very well learned bosses?

Humility will take you places, moi humbled himself before kenyatta and became president….. moi was learned than kenyatta who was a city council water meter reader….. eventually he got the presidency.
Kibaki an economist humbled himself before moi and became a President…… in this game only hustler looks like he is up to the task but only after several washes with aerial to perfection!

Igathe should have humbled himself or he exits the political scene completely and goes back to selling ball pens and petroleum products…..

Political offices are not for the faint hearted….. you need an extra pair of steel balls…..


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