Uhuru, Sonko, Mutua,Rasanga Confirm Trump Is Right, We Are A Shithole Country

Trump Is Damned Right, We Are A SHITHOLE Country
By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka the Banana Peddler

Today morning while in a cheery mood, I was having a cup of tea with my friend Senator Sakaja within the precincts of parliament. We were having a discourse on the daily madness called Kenyan politics. Seated right across me was this bothersome Elgeyo Marakwet politician whose name I choose to keep to myself.

As we were discussing, the Rift Valley Politician who at the time was watching the television behind us, carelessly smiled broadly and waved his hand at the TV in dismissal. The inside of his mouth looked like a panorama of Langata Cemetery, tombstones for teeth, a few of them discolored and front ones crooked to form a pathetic diastema. Sincerely, my whimsical sense of humor was contravened. I lost my appetite instantly.

Nobody bothered to ask him what the matter was because his gesture signposted an incident from the television – CNN news anchors Amara Sohn-Walker and Michael Holmes reported that US President Donald Trump said America should deny people from Haiti and African countries entry to its territory because they are shitholes. I resisted engaging the Rift Valley politician because he knows nothing about anything.

I have seen Kenyans hurling pretentious oral stones at the person of US President Donald Trump for referring to African countries as ‘shithole’ countries. They have whingeingly flooded the internet tubes with endless streams of pained anti-Trump tweets. They beautified Facebook with stupid messages aimed at deconstructing the character of Donald J. Trump. I want to readily confess here that I fully support Mr. Trump on his utterances. He is damned right you know. Nothing is further from the truth.

That is why all African leaders except the President of Botswana, are silent because they too know well he is seriously right. Before you take exception and start gyrating insults on me, I will belabor my reasons by advancing cogent reasons using my own country Kenya as an example.

President Donald Trump is one of the greatest Presidents of the United States of America. He is known to carefully cherry-pick his words. I am certain history will be kind to him someday for making America great. One thing I esteem about this man is his honestness and straightforwardness. He never beats around the Bush. His mouth reflects what is encompassed in his mind without expurgating a thing.

I have said in my column time without number that this country is bleeding from all openings including the anus, but nobody seems to give a fuck. Just like the rest of other countries in Africa, we are a country where leaders including the President, are selected and not elected. Elections don’t happen in Kenya. No foreign investor wants to risk investing here because of the wonderful environment created by our politicians. The only lucrative business left in this country is that of doing business with government depending on what you know about who you know in government. Why then should we foolishly traduce Trump when he says we are a shithole country?

In Kenya, we are ruled retrogressivelly. Are you not a shithole country when your President’s family has monopolized every business in the country so as to relinquish control over the economy? How safe are you when the President’s mother is the single owner of the country’s only source of power supply where she can treat you to pesky power supply anytime she pleases and there is nothing you can do. Remember she can sell a unit at the price that pleases her; you either buy or stay in darkness. Kenyans are accustomed to being told what it is they need and want.

Trump should not be blamed for saying what he said. The same way, America should not be blamed for enforcing and obeying their rules. Trump shouldn’t be excoriated for running a better system where everybody is equal before the law. On his remarks,

Trump is just vigilant and acting smartly. The There is no gainsaying the economic atrocities we commit as a country are enough to validate Trump’s remarks. If we do not respect ourselves, how do we expect others to respect us? Instead of complaining, we ought to emulate him.

Are we not a shithole country if Ugandan insurgents stroll into our territory and harass the residents in Migingo, without being repelled by a volley of machine gunfire just because the locals residing there are politically incorrect? What is the value of having a lame constitution that is violated after every five seconds? Our constitution is not only cosmetic, but also a false hope raiser. Here, laws are made for the poor and not for the rich. That is why no big thief goes to prison. Our prisons are swarmed with poor petty offenders like chicken thieves.

All these are happening while scholars keep mum. They have allowed the euphoria of ethnical mediocrity to becloud their senses of judgement on the idiosyncrasies of tribalism. Yet we have the authority to berate Trump for calling us a shithole country? Spare me the fake dopey handwringing.

Why do we forget so fast that we are a country that exports what we don’t have and import what we have? Even as we castigate Trump on his own internet, we forget that as a nation, we import gewgaws with American icons on them. I support President Trump. We are a bunch of hypocrites. But as Winston Churchill said “If you are going through hell, keep going”

(The writer sells bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)

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