FIREWORKS: Kenyans Insult Uhuru After Congratulating Soccer Star Olunga; Killer Insults, Hell Broke Lose,!

It all started after Uhuru posted this message on his Facebook and twitter,
”Congratulations Michael Olunga for making history as the first Kenyan footballer to score a goal in the Spanish La Liga; and the first player to score a hattrick for Girona FC in the Spanish top league. Continue flying the #MagicalKenya flag high” Uhuru Kenyatta.
Then boooooom hell broke lose: sample this

Cmde Caleb Simba: Atleast Oluga didn’t kill anyone, didn’t use force, didn’t rig to score. It was a free, fair and a credible goal, how I wish you copied him

Mike Magero: Kind note: #Olunga is from the #Nasa Republic Sir.

Phelix Nyadida
:You sanctioned the killing of his kind in Nyanza to cling to power. You terminated the dreams of many would be Olungas

Moses Blue O Kajuki : Congratulate githeri man and Jackie maribe. You couldn’t see those who make Kenya proud like wanyama and Olunga but could recognise a man eating githeri. Hypocrisy… Who bewitched you Mr. President

Silas Oguttu
: The whole world knows that the goal was scored FAIRLY without the ‘Chilobas’ manipulating or changing the ‘GOAL POST’. Eng. Olunga deserve appraisal from CLEAN HANDS. Otherwise, we’ll be deaf!

Nehemiah Onchiri
: Utoto sana , when u guys said u will give Kenyans 5 stadiums. where are they??? we have a lot of unutilized talents
Geo Cel George :Congratulations olunga. You won openly and freely. You never threatened to revisit the goals. You just scored in open play.
Dauud Dawood Opembe :We dint host CHAN and we won’t ..Y..don’t pretent we have many Olungas that thru your fake ppo in the ministries they lost a chance to interact learn and be motivated..Business men have lost an opportunity to capitalise from the tourists..Mr your congratulations are not welcomed,Y.You don’t like and don’t support sports..Those in the ministry of sports could have resigned or axed..But because you know you are the mistake they continued serving and praised

Ajusto Juma Mak’orucha: Olunga did it transparently live in the afternoon,,,,,,,before 52k sitting spectators,,no threats to intimidating linesmen,,,no bribing fans,,,, peupe akawa man of the match,
Wiki Kongere: You also made history as the first Kenyan to rig elections twice in a year and the first computer-generated president of the Central Republic of Kenya.

Njosh Njosh
: Actually if we had the 5 stadiums, CHAN would be happening in Kenya. Our volleyball teams trains under difficult situations, Other sports have been abandoned by your or previous governments. This how far talent when natured can take Kenyan Youths. Wanyama is an example, Mariga, Oliech, Origi etc. Just the other day CS Wario oversaw Rio Olympics Menace, was there anything done to him and Other officials?

Davy David : Back home you’re killing sports….sportpesa is gone!! What an irony from this embecile, illegitimate and murderer president… U shouldn’t congratulate raw talent!!
Nelson Olum Ombado: Don’t ever congratulate one of our own before consulting Baba! Congratulate githeriman, wachana na sisi kabisa

Sammy MC’ayiera : Uhuru you should be congratulating the githeri man instead let His Excellency Dr. Raila Odinga and his counterparts congratulate their Eng. Olunga,,,,,,,PUGA!!
Geoffrey Ongaya: Meanwhile RIP Chris Msando…..we know your Killers are still out there enjoying life with their family,your children are now ophans and your wife a widow

Fredrick Aroko: A man who only recognizes githeri men, Robert Alais, and Dennis Itumbis should not congratulate Olunga. Stick to your lane of congratulating police officers for killing innocent Kenyans.

Martin Ndubi
: So many Luos died in 2 months under your watch, actually 258 + those put in black bags and thrown in the lake for fish to enjoy.
Do not bother, finish your remaining term and GO, rest in pieces.

Ben Etemesi
Whether you congratulate him or no just know this country we are not yet at peace, you trying to pretend as if everything is ok but not and deep inside you know its not well, nkt.

Icom Sylvester; As you congrats olunga. I congrats alshabaab for injuring officers.But feel for the innocent woman.
You drunk the blood of Kenyans that you don’t even hesitate when terror hits Lamu. You are focused on olunga who is doing better than you

George Morara
: Nonsense! He could be playing and scoring for Kenya if we had honest and good leadership. He’d be left stranded abroad…

Jean Jacques Mc Ouma
: leave Nasa affairs alone,go congragulate ezra chiloba 4 stealing the democratic right of kenyan and making u presidnt.jakuogni!! i even wonder y u havent congragulated the iebc u colluded wth to steal elections.if u can deny olunga his right then y congragulate him total buulshit.this is a man frm the pples republic,so keep off our affairs coz we dont nd we’ll never recognize u,

Dimore Sibuor
: Uhuru we don’t need your congratulations… You have githeri man and Kamau wa njoroge akitomba kuku. You can congratulate them… Puga,,!!!

Geff Chever Buvil
: That NASA chap has made us proud…the goals were genuine not rigged like our elections…Am sure he would hate to hear such a message from you

Nick Okanga Naftali: Bt Just becoz he doesnt come from the Githeri friendly Regime, when the timeth and the hourth comes for the honours he wont be recognised. So sad your living in Darkness.

Peter Nyakwar Oliech
You should also learn to score fairly not through back door the way you did to peoples president Raila Amollo Odinga

Ojenga O Bennie: You and Olunga belongs to different leagues.. for you to score you have to kill the goal keeper and intimidate your opponents

Kevin Anzaye Nonsence! This guy belongs to the peoples republic of kenya leave this to BABA. Give us a break please and congratulate your thiefs

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