Buffer zone to be created in contested Southern Bor area

The Government of Jonglei has decided to create a buffer zone and deploy army between the conflicting communities in Southern Bor, according to the state governor.

This comes after more than 13 people were killed and several people wounded during inter-clan clashes in Bor South County.

Philip Aguer said the move to create a buffer zone came as a result of a meeting between him and the minister of defense and the chiefs Abii clans.

He said both parties signed the agreement on Monday.

“We have decided that we create a buffer zone between the two communities and the military will be in the middle,” said Mr Aguer.

“They are told to move away from the contested area, so we will continue to see the implementation of this.”

Governor Aguer said only the army will be allowed in the contested areas and the issue is resolved.

Last year, over 20 people lost their lives when fighting erupted over the naming of the administrative center.

One section wants it called Anuet and the other, Paanwel.