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Yei residents seek refuge in schools following fresh clashes

Over a thousand civilians are sheltering in school compounds in Yei town after they fled clashes between IO splinter groups in Mukaya County in Yei River state last week.

According to the state officials, an infighting erupted between two armed groups in Mukaya.

This forced the civilians, who are mostly women and children, to flee to Yei Town.

“No casualties were reported from the civilians. Majority of them fled the town and they are residing in Mahad and Kanjaroo schools,” said Alfred Kenneth, the information Minister in Yei River State.

He said during the fighting civilians reported that their property were looted and houses destroyed by the armed groups.

Parts of Yei River State had in the past experienced violence which led most civilians to flee to the neighboring Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Recently, state authorities and church leaders reported that some had started returning back to their homes due to improved security.

The new clashes in Mukaya, according to other state officials, has left women and children vulnerable with no food and water.

Mukaya County Commissioner John Beneya appealed for an urgent intervention.

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