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Youth call for inclusion in next transitional gov’t

Young leaders should be included in the next transitional government that would come about from the talks in Addis, the youth representatives at the high-level revitalization forum have said.

The older leaders have failed to bring lasting peace to South Sudan, adding that it is time for them to participate effectively in the transitional government, they added.

“There is a need for inclusivity and this is what the revitalization is all about, making sure that all South Sudanese from all backgrounds and all genders are all included in the new government,” said Denash Agor, one of the delegates.

“If we don’t do this, our country will not move forward, but if we do this, making sure that young generation are encouraged to come and take decision that can shape the direction of our country, this is when we will have a better South Sudan.”

For his part, Wani Michael said other groups such as women and disabled should also be included in the interim government.

“We are trying to push so that in the final draft of the peace agreement, the issues of youth are addressed and one of the things that I talked about is the issue of governance,” he stressed.

The talks resumed yesterday a day after delegates representing Dr. Riek Machar’s faction pulled out, citing an attack on their base in Nasir, Latjor state.

The IGAD is today expected to come up with its draft for deliberation before the parties could reach a compromise.

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