IGAD drafts power sharing proposal

A civil society group has revealed that the IGAD has drafted its proposal for power sharing at the high-level revitalization forum.

The Community Empowerment for Progress Organization said the proposal states that the government would take 50% of the transitional government, while the other opposition groups would have 49%.

The draft will on Thursday be presented to the parties to deliberate on before reaching a compromise.

CEPO’s executive director Edmund Yakani – who is also a member of the permanent ceasefire and security arrangements committee at the forum – said they have ratified all the articles of the agreement.

The committee has also recommended for establishment of security sector, he said.

“There is a suggestion that if we sign the agreement today or tomorrow, we will go for preparation for elections and the transitional period that is given is four years then we go for election,” revealed Mr Yakani.

However, he said the current proposal is subject to amendment, changes, acceptance and rejection.

According to IGAD schedule, the forum is expected to end this weekend.