10 things we are all guilty of doing but we never admit

Do you admit that you are guilty of these things?

As humans, there are some things we often do but will never admit; because they seem cheesy, ridiculous or simply hilarious.

If you are charged in a court of law today with the below accusations, would you plead guilty? You probably would not yet we all know you have done at least most of them.

1. Missing the USB port


You have used your computer for so many years now. Sadly, there are times you still miss how to correctly put the USB device in its place. And even if you now get it correctly, chances are that you got it wrong so many times before mastering it.

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2. Fixing the wedgie

We all know how uncomfortable wedgies are. You try walking in a different manner just to see if the underwear will sit at its rightful place but all in vain. And you have to get some privacy just to put the darn thing in place.

3. Free food


Ooh yeah, everyone loves free food and I mean everyone. But there is something more about free food; you never seem to get enough of it. Just because you are not paying for it means a plus to your appetite. Happens with free drinks as well.

4. Covering yourself even when it’s hot

If you ever spent a night at the Coast, you recall how hot it was. Despite that, you still went ahead to use the blanket or whatever cover was available to shield yourself from cold? We got you.

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5. Not cleaning your hands after visiting the bathroom


This mostly happens when you are alone. You just don’t get the reason why you should wet your hands yet you are not from a public toilet. But we all know that you can’t skip washing your hands if there are people around you.

6. Composing and not sending the message

You have even lost count of the times you have done this. You are chatting with someone, you compose the response, delete it before sending, compose again and edit a few other times before sending it.

7. The catharsis of something bad happening to your enemy

We all want to seem compassionate even to those people whom we pray for Karma’s vengeance every day. So in public, we will show how sorry we are if our enemies are having a rough time but deep inside, our hearts are leaping with joy.

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8. Throwing trash by the roadside

Even the most perfect Kenyan must have done this. You are on a journey and once you are done with your soda or mahindi choma, you can’t help but throw the waste through the window.

9. Not telling someone to do their zip or get something out of their teeth


Guilty as charged, right? You really don’t want them to walk with an unzipped trousers or a piece of sukumawiki stuck on their teeth. But how do you tell them? So you just let walk around like that.

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10. Smelling your jeans to tell if it should be worn for another round

Honestly, does it have to be smelly so that you don’t wear it? If it’s dirty, it’s dirty. But that’s who we are anyways. Complex creatures with such unique and hilarious traits that we can’t even understand ourselves.

So, how many charges are you guilty of according to our list?

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