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11 Kenyan celebs who rock short hair so well (photos)

Thinking of cutting your hair? Be inspired!

Evidently, natural short hairstyles are not going out of style any time soon.

That's right. Thanks to style influencers and celebrities, we are still seeing women join the short hair wave proving that the trend is not a fad. Many people are afraid to go for the big chop perhaps because they're afraid of looking odd with short hair. But if you have a wig or several wigs, you can switch up the look every now and then, not forgetting that there's also the accessorizing options such as wearing a hat or tying a turban. When it comes to cutting hair, really, there are no rule books. You just have to go for a cut that goes with the shape of your face. You could go for a tapered cut, something super short or even an edgy mohawk-like cut. The advantage of short hair is that your facial features will pop and you can finally show off those gorgeous dangling earrings. Plus, you can finally say bye to all the hair combing hustles and salon expenses.

There are some local celebs who give us some serious short natural hair envy. If you're thinking of finally cutting your hair, get inspired:

1. Singer, Vivianne is rocking that pink hair so effortlessly.

2. Wahu Kagwi has always been short hair goals.

3. Joy Kendi always makes you want to cut and bleach your hair immediately.

4. NRG radio's and model, Tanasha Donna recently cut her hair and she's rocking the new look.

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5. Dela should probably never wear a wig ever again.

6. Neomi Nganga's cut with shaven sides perfectly complements her face and body.

7. Ruth Matete made the right decision to cut her locs.

8. Photographer, Lyra Aoko always looks amazing in short hair.


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9. Kalekye Mumo loves her weave and wig styles, but when she takes them off, she totally rocks her partly blonde short hair.

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10. PR Practitioner Anyiko Owoko's tapered cut is pretty swanky.


11. Singer, Cece Sagini's blonde short hair totally suits her. 


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