SPLM/A (IO)  warns Cirilo loyalists against intruding its bases

Press release.

Yei River state- The leadership of SPLM (IO)  in Yei River State would want to once again strongly condemn the illegal and provocative entrance of National Salvation Front (NAS) forces into SPLM/A (IO) liberated territories in the State. 

According to the state state spokesman in office of the governor, on Thursday 24 August 2017, some few NAS forces attempted to intrude areas that are under our firm control in Kajo-Keji County, however,  they immediately returned upon  receiving a 24 hours’ ultimatum from our leadership in the State. 

In this regard,  we want to clearly inform the leadership of NAS and the supporters of the people’s movement that SPLM/A-IO and NAS are not enemies of each other as both are fighting national war of liberation to rectify the failures levied on our people by the corrupt, ethnocentric and outlaw regime of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) in Juba. 

However, the leaderships of the two movements have not yet reached any strategic framework as basis for mutual cooperation. We therefore, advise NAS forces to keep away from SPLM/A-IO controlled territories and stop any provocative move against our bases in the State.