Centre for peace and Justice (CPJ) calls on government to handover James Gatdet case to African Union.

The Centre for Peace & Justice is calling on South Sudan government and Judiciary system to handover James Gatdet Dak case to African Union because they were the one to establish the Hybrid Court of South Sudan as pre August Peace agreement.

CPJ’s Coordinator Tito Anthony says that South Sudan judicary has no powers to deliver ruling or judgment against James Gatdet because they are not mandated by AU.

If there is any atrocities or war crime that James Gatdet committed during the conflict or he was inciting conflict than it should be hybrid court to finalise ruling in his case.”

The court environment will not allow  James Gatdet to speak out even if we provide him with a defend lawyer, taking to account that the independent judges and Justices are on strike and those who are working are pro government judges.” If there is any case against him the person concern should file his case to Africa Union who will decide in the matter and advise accordingly

CPJ calls on the Africa Union to takeover the case from the government as G10 case was taken before and the victims or the petitioner against James Gatdet should wait until the formation of Hybrid Court of South Sudan.