DJ Bossman MG The master of disc jockey

You enjoy a mixtape when it’s being mixed by a DJ that knows well the art of deejaying.

Mangar Makur chap, popularly known as DJ Bossman, is arguably South Sudanese  most wanted and hottest DJs.

Undoubtedly, DJ bossman has been in South Sudanese  music industry since the 2000s and has remained consistent since then. Being a promoter and a DJ, DJ Bossman MG has been featured in so many big gigs and also associated with many big acts.

What was life for DJ Bossman MG  like before stardom?

DJ bossman MG was born in Yirol in the month of October; and as a child, he grew up listening to blues, soul, jazz, apala, highlife, funk, R&B, pop, disco, and hip-hop.

However, DJ Bossman MG was a rapper when he started his entertainment career. And then, he was known as MG. But as time went on, he ventured into the world of DJ’s with the support of his brothers when he came to realize that there was no road for him as a rapper. They helped him establish a brand name , which is ‘BMSS.’bossman sound systems  And it would later happen that his name was changed from MG to DJ Bossman MG.

And, as a DJ, Bossman groomed himself till he was done with school. It was after school he decided to take deejaying more seriously as a profession. he was a tutor of his own art of Deejaying.

What is the career life of DJ Bossman MG like?

Call him the pace setter of South Sudan music, you won’t be wrong. And this is because, at a point in time, the only accepted forum for DJeeying to have themselves groomed while engaging in lyrical battle was the ‘ROADBLOCK’ street pioneered by the cool DJ bossman; setting up speakers, turntables, amplifiers, and microphones. Young aspiring youths flocked into his promoting Brand begging for a lifeline.

Also, dating back from the 2000s  till date, DJ Bossman MG has rocked countless night clubs in and outside the country. He is most revered for being pronounced South Sudanese number one DJ in South Sudan.

DJ Bossman MG is one of the most sought-after by corporate organisations like MTN, Vivacell,

What is the meaning of BMSS?

Bossman BMSS is a brand name of Legendary  south Sudanese DJ, Bossman. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious entertainment events in South Sudan and in Australia. It is popularly referred to as South Sudanese biggest DJ Event. And since the commencement the event, it has hosted big names such as Konshen, Jose Chameleon, Busy signal, Roberto “Amarula”, 

What are DJ Bossman MG  mixtapes like?
A mixtape becomes more interesting when it’s being mixed by a DJ that knows well the art of deejaying. And undoubtedly, DJ Bossman is an authority in that field. The South Sudanese vol.1 is the latest of his mixtapes.

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Author: Haboba