Discovered Tanzania dinosaur skeletons dates back 70 million years

A 70 million year dinosaur skeleton has been found in Tanzania, according to South African anthropologist, social and environmental activist, Ulrich J van Vuuren.

He further disclosed that the discovery has been given the name ‘Shingopana Songwensis,’ Shingopana is is Swahili for wide neck.

The discovery was made after a research team conducted work on a quarry site in the East Africa country. He shared pictures that showed ribs and other bones of the animals.

The camp where the discovery was made is in the Rukwa Rift Basin located in southwestern Tanzania.

“The new species is a member of the gigantic, long-necked sauropods. Its fossil remains were recovered from Cretaceous Period (70-100 million years ago) rocks in southwestern Tanzania.

“Titanosaur skeletons have been found worldwide, but are best known from South America. Fossils in this group are rare in Africa.

“Part of the Shingopana skeleton was excavated in 2002 by scientists affiliated with the Rukwa Rift Basin Project, an international effort led by Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine researchers Patrick O’Connor and Nancy Stevens,” the Science Daily website said.