New Music Piandu – ‘Slate Nation’

The Juba juice act and ‘Piandu’ crooner raves about a lady in this romantic number.

Junubin star boy kicks off the new year with a soft tempo romantic number titled ‘piandu’.
This is not the first time the singer will be involved in a mushy tune. has its own fair share of love and romance.

Is it too much to hope that he continues to drop records of this quality every time he hits the studio?

Slate Nation, looms larger than life. He loves to see himself as a super human, with a confidence that continues to power him through doors.
He has laid claims to some of the highest titles in south sudan music, straddling the culture like a colossus since his emergence with co-artists. He’s been called the junubin star boy, performed at the highest stages, and has moved the culture in ways that many of his contemporaries dream of. There’s no humility or relenting. Only straight swashbuckling and achievements.
We’ve also seens Slate new album YITTH and the music that he has served up.

In the past year, the biggest musicians in south sudan have embraced the future by pushing in a new direction with the music. For better or worse, these artists have spread their wings beyond the shores of Africa, chasing cultural inclusion in other markets via collaborations and the assimilation of new music influences. Emmanuel Jal went to canadan and became Canadian in his delivery, Dynamq tried his hand on a lot of things,
Everyone is widening their influence, to avoid stagnation, and even slate, who knows a thing or two about the playing fields abroad, is still willing to re-invent himself on “Piandu.” The deals he struck to get this album distributed and the level he wants to play at requires him to make music sacrifices, or at the very least, alter his sound to appeal to a wider market.

This is the solo follow-up to 20016’s, “The Entertainer” – the singer’s most successful record yet, crammed full of hits – This album is a continuation of that spirit, and you could hear echoes of that era on this. The Yitth titles ‘piandu’, Importer and ‘Exporter’ which appeared on ‘eye radio’, is present here too, woven into the Highlife creation of ‘dinka’.

Produced by Enox pro with guitar pluggings by Fiokee, the song marks Junubin star boy promising and not stopping’.


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