Burglar shot dead at Al Sabah Children’s Hospital

A man who attempted to steal a generator at Al Sabah Children’s hospital in Juba was shot dead by police on Friday night, says Jubek State Minister of Health.

A suspected burglar tried to take solar and electric cables and parts of a generator that helps supply power to the children’s wards.

Dr. James Jada Eluzai said that the ministry has been receiving reports of theft of hospital’s items, including properties belonging to guardians of children and co-patients admitted at Al Sabah.

Last Saturday, some mothers told Eye Radio’s reporter who visited the hospital that they have lost phones, sometimes money and other valuables from people who pretend to be visiting.

“When a mother doses off from being tired of taking care of the baby, those who pretend to visit would take their valuables,” said one of the mothers whose twins have been admitted.

“Three people came in here, they stood here for a while, and when I turned over from my baby, they pretended to be calling the doctor, and immediately rushed out. It was late in the night,” said another mother who spoke off record.

That is when the women said they heard gunshot from within the hospital’s compound.

According to eyewitnesses, it appears, one of the suspects was among those who attempted to steal electric cables.

“They attempted to steal generators, wires and some solar panels, but one of them got shot,” said Dr. James Jada.

“We have policemen there, but the issue is that sometimes these people will come as co-patients and getting out with those items,” he added.

Dr. Jada told Eye Radio that the state government has moved to deploy more security personnel at Al Shabah children Hospital after receiving several reports of burglary.

He said the hospital attends to more than 200 children per day.

Last week, the Minister of Defense, Kuol Manyang said that some of the criminals behind night robberies in Juba are members of the organized forces.

The latest reported incident is that of New Site in which two people were killed and a young woman raped during robbery incident on Sunday, characterized by looting, beating, raping, and even killing, by men in military and police uniform.

In an interview with Eye Radio on Tuesday evening, Kuol Manyang said some of the soldiers-turned-criminals include national security, police, and military intelligence officers. However, the burglary incidents at Al Sabah Teaching hospital has not been attributed to anyone.

Dr. James Jada said that Jubek state government has resolved to deploy police officers at all public health facilities in Juba to secure medical supplies and properties belonging to patients.

“We have improved the situation and we are trying to monitor. We have requested for reinforcement; more policemen to be deployed both security personnel there,” Jada said.

The head of South Sudan’s only children’s hospital says his staff are “overwhelmed” by the number of malnourished children coming into the hospital, and things are getting “worse every day”.

Recently, the Executive Director of Al Sabbah Chidren’s hospital, Dr Justin Bumo, told the press that “over 200 children every day” at the health center, which is the only children hospital in Juba.

Dr. Bum said his staff are “overwhelmed” by the number of malnourished children coming into the hospital, and things are getting “worse every day” due to the nation’s famine and the hard economic situation.

On other matters, Dr. James Jada said there are reports of increased cases of acute water diarrhea in several health centers in Jubek due to continuous rainfall.