Travelers urged to be cautious on the Bor – Juba road

People traveling along the Bor – Juba road have been told by Jonglei state governor to take precautionary measures by seeking security clearance before embarking on their journey.

Philip Aguer says it is advisable for anyone intending to use the road to first speak to security organs to find out the state of security along the road -especially between Bor and Terekeka.

He said this is because a security intelligence report received by his government indicates that there is presence of armed men moving along the road.

There have been series of attacks on passenger vehicles frequenting the Juba – Bor road.

In May, at least 30 people were killed by a group of armed men who reportedly staged multiple ambushes along the road.

A land-cruiser heading to Bor was first ambushed and 10 people were killed and then later a bus was attacked on the same road in Sudan-Safari, an area in Gemeza County, Terekeka State..

In a similar incident, nine people lost their lives to unidentified gunmen near Muhandisen Bridge in Mongalla County.

In response, President Salva Kiir held an emergency security meeting with officials from all the organized forces and directed for the deployment of forces along the road to prevent further possible attacks.

However, by July, the Acting SPLA spokesperson, Santo Domic told Eye Radio that fuel shortage hindered the deployment of the joint forces on Juba – Bor road.

Col. Santo Domic said additional joint forces may be deployed tomorrow on Juba – Bor road.

At the state level, both Jonglei and Terekeka state governments formed separate committees to investigate the killing on this road.

Governor Philip Aguer had said the committee will investigate the death of more than 30 people in an ambush between Jemeiza and Sudan Safari.

The Terekeka State Minister of Minister, Lado Philip, also said the formation of the committees will help reduce fears of insecurity along the road and encourage the displaced to return to their homes.

The outcome of the committee’s work has not been made public.

Over the weekend, Jonglei governor, Philip Aguer said travels along the Bor – Juba road has not been stopped.

He told Eye Radio that the temporarily halting of uncleared travels was to pave way for organized forces to ensure the road is safe for public use.

Aguer said no driver and passenger will be allowed to travel without seeking security clearance from soldiers or security forces deployed along the road.

“The army spotted movement of armed groups along the road between Mongalla and Jemeza. And they were giving us information to take precautions so that when travelers move along the road, they should first ask the security, the military, what is the security situation along the road,” said Aguer.

He said the Bor – Juba road is not closed, as previously reported by some media houses.

“There is no ban on the road. The road is open. And people are traveling, but they need to ask from the security what is the status of the security along Mongalla-Jemeza road,” he added.