Aguer calls for accountability over Bor-Juba road killings

The Governor of Jonglei says findings of an investigation into an attack on the Juba-Bor road in May, already submitted to the Office of the First Vice President, should be released in order to hold perpetrators accountable.

At least 30 people were killed in multiple ambushes along the road in May and the army was deployed on the highway after series of such attacks.

The attacks happened in Jemeza, Terekeka State.

Both Jonglei and Terekeka governments formed separate committees to investigate the killing in order to help reduce fears of insecurity along the road and encourage the displaced to return to their homes.

The outcome of the committee’s work has not been made public.

Philip Aguer said they had submitted their findings to the First Vice President, Taban Deng for action.

He said the report should be made public so that those who took part in the ambushes are brought to book.

“We are waiting to hear the report that will trigger either the prosecution or more consequences, because that was a criminal incident that needs to be investigated and culprits taken to court -whether they are found in Terekeka or in Jonglei,” said Aguer.

In response, the spokesperson of the First Vice President, Chuol Lam said the committee that has been tasked to investigate the allegations by Jonglei, Terekeka, including Buma has not yet submitted its findings.

He said the report has been submitted to a committee chaired by the FVP, which is currently compiling all the findings.

“The committee that is investigating the allegations as well as the incidents that happend between Juba – Bor is finalizing their report after they came back from Terekeka. They are continuing [compiling] their reports which will present it -in the coming days -to the First Vice President,” said Chuol.

Mr. Chuol added that a conference will later in the year be convened by the First Vice President to resolve the problems facing Jonglei, Terekeka and Buma states.