Justices and judges to revisit strike

The general assembly of the Justices and Judges will hold a meeting on Thursday to revisit their strike, according to the Chairperson.

This comes after Vice President James Wani Igga called on them to resume work.

The justices and judges went on strike since May in demand for better working conditions and pay rise.

They were also calling for the removal of Chief Justice Chan Reech, who they say has failed to address their demands.

“The Vice President put it very clear that our demands are being put before the president and that he has started looking into it,” Justice Bol Lul said.

“Yesterday we brainstormed with the general assembly here and in Wau at the same time and there was a very positive view which was expressed in that meeting,” he added.

However the meeting to revisit the demands will continue today since some members were absent because “some people were facing transport problems”.

Civil society organizations have expressed worry about backlog of cases as courts in the states have failed to function due to the strike.

In July, President Salva Kiir dismissed 13 justices and judges who allegedly spearheaded the strike.

“The standing demands for the judges at the moment are the same as they were before but the urgent one which is very important, we are appealing that our colleagues who were dismissed to be reinstated,” Justice Bol said.

But he said the general assembly may resolve for their resumption to work.