Politicizing death, where is humanity around J1?!

On the 02nd of September, a fire that gutted a girls’ dormitory at Moi High School, claiming the lives of 10 students with many others critically injured, was another test and touching trial for my family. I had two students in this school, a 14 year old, and a 16 year old. My 14 year old survived the fire with minor injuries, thanks to her brave late elder sister who managed to push her through the window, before she was caught up when she ran back to save her friend. As my 14 year old recovers in hospital, her elder sister is still unaccounted for, and thought to be among the 10 who burnt in the fire. That, unstoppably welled our cheeks with tears and engulfed us with unfathomable grieves because as a tradition, in death, a little relief comes from the ability to identify and burry the remains of our loved ones. My late daughter (Alakir Malong) was a very cheerful, kind and humble girl who had a bright future. The Parents of the missing children have been asked to provide DNA samples to help identify the remains of their loved ones who died in that sad tragedy.