ICRC suspends operations in former WES

The International Committee of the Red Cross says that it has suspended -indefinitely its activities in Western Equatoria region after an attack on its convoy on Friday.

On Saturday, the Governor of Amadi, Joseph Ngere said that trucks belonging ICRC came under an attack in Kotobe County.

A convoy carrying humanitarian supplies to Yambio left Juba and fell into the ambush around Amadi area.

One truck driver was killed in the incident.

ICRC confirmed the incident, saying it is “shocked” and “dismayed” by the killing of the employee.

“Nine trucks in our convoy together with four wheel driver, were attacked by armed men and unfortunately one of our drivers was shot and killed in this incident,” ICRC Communications Officer, Mari Aftret Mortvert said.

“We have stopped all movements and activities until we have understood how all this happened,” she added.

Mari could not divulge whether this incident will impact on the organization’s activities across the country.