Majority of the refugees living outside camps -Sudan Humanitarian Affairs

The General Commissioner of Humanitarian Affairs in Sudan says nearly half a million South Sudanese refugees have not been officially registered across Sudan.

Last week, the Chairperson of South Sudanese refugees living in Sudan said their situation in the camps is getting worse due to lack of humanitarian assistance in the camps.

Sultan John Maskar, the Chief of Refugees sheltering at Jebel Awlia camp in Khartoum said there is scarce food and medical supplies in the camps.

It is not clear why the 424, 000 individuals have not been registered, but Ahmed Mohamed Adam said the refugees have decided to stay outside the camps and live among the Sudanese.

“Those who have been registered by the UN is 424,000 and the rest entered but have not yet been registered. They are found in different towns in Sudan,” Adam said.

He said some of the refugees previously lived or worked in Sudan and are accustomed to the environment outside the camps.