Ballot papers for Liberia’s elections to be printed in Ghana, Slovenia – EC

Printing companies in Ghana and Slovenia are printing the ballot papers for Liberia October 10 presidential elections.

This was announced by the National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairman Jerome George Korkoya on August 30 explaining that the ballots for the House of Representatives will be printed in Ghana, while ballots for presidential candidates will be printed in Slovenia.

“We’ve concluded discussion that the printing of the House of Representatives candidates’ ballot papers will be printed Ghana, while the presidential ballot papers will be printed in Europe. This is done in consultation with key stakeholders,” he was quoted by local media portal The New Dawn.

He added that the decision follows the approval by the political parties and candidates who he had earlier invited to witness the printing process if they wish, at their expense.

The printing companies were not named but they are expected to print 550 ballot papers for each of the 5,390 voting centers across the country.

The printing will cost the government US$ 1.5 million including printing cost for a second round, if need be, Korkoya said during an August 10 press conference.

The 2011 election ballots were printed in Ghana and the electoral commissioner said the printing company has a high reputation.

20 candidates are vying for president while 986 candidates are standing for 73 seats in the House of Representatives.

2,183,683 million people out of the country’s 4.6 million population have registered to vote. There are 5,390 voting centers across the country in 2080 voting precincts.