Federal system requires time – Richard K.Mulla

The Minister of Federal Affairs says there isn’t enough time to incorporate federal system of governance into the transitional constitution.According to the peace agreement, federalism is supposed to be constitutionalized before the end of the transitional period, which will elapse next year.

Dr. Richard K. Mulla said that federalism requires time and resources, and that can only happen in the development of a permanent constitution.

“First of all, in order to constitutionalize federalism, a new constitution must be drafted and there must be a constitutional review commission which needs to be restructured and reappointed,” Dr.Mulla said.

He said such process will also require public consultations.

“That will take them not less than 6 months to do the work, and drafting the constitution including consulting the people on the ground, consulting the citizens the stakeholders and then bringing it for national debate and finally taking it to parliament for adoption,” Dr. Mulla said.

Last week, a research institute and a civil society group say the transitional period should be extended to allow for implementation of important provisions in the 2015 peace deal.

The Center for Peace and Development and the Voluntary Civil Society Task Force say 75 percent of the transitional period has elapsed without significant achievements.