Rachael Angeth ‘South Sudanese men have a poor sense of romance’, says Fashionista

The Queen thinks the society has encouraged men to be sore lovers who feel entitled in a relationship.

Fashion Queen, Racheal Angeth is likely to have raised brows based on her submission that a large portion of South Sudanese men are not romantic.
The 2011/12 Miss-south Sudan  who spoke in an interview with Kush News on Saturday, September 16. 2017, frowned at the feeling of entitlement often exhibited by the subjects who according to her have been encouraged by the society.

She thinks the right situation should involve an instance where the men are made to fight for their partners as this would improve the amount of respect shown to the womenfolk.

“I don’t believe South Sudanese men are romantic. I think South Sudanese men do not think they have to be romantic. I am not saying this to bash men but I think no one pushes South Sudanese men to fight for anything so they have this sense of entitlement.

“I was watching a South Sudanese movie one day and there was this unfaithful Junubi man who left his wife for another woman.

“At the end of the day, the other woman left him and he retraced his steps to his initial wife. The lady’s mother actually told her to kneel in front of the man and that bothered me a lot even though I knew it was a movie. That is the way things are.

“A lot of men grow up in this country feeling entitled to certain things and they believe that they don’t have to work for anything.

“This has been the case for generations and a lot of our mothers were unhappy because the society expected them to stay in the relationship. I am not saying it is the right thing for people to leave their relationships but a man needs to fight for what he wants so he can value it.

“I think the problem is because a lot of South Sudanese men feel self-entitled and I blame our culture and our mothers.

“Most mothers are the problem because when something happens, they are quick to advise the daughter and wives, they don’t tell the men that their actions are wrong. So if a man feels that he does not have to fight to keep the relationship, he would not,” she said.

Her thoughts about the weak romantic bone she claims South Sudanese men possess is a direct contrast to her personality when she is in a relationship.

Rachael described herself as dutiful lover who is very big on trust. She believes lovers should contribute equally to their union in order to sustain it. A partner who is not trustworthy is definitely one she will have a problem with she stated.

“To describe myself as a lover, I would say that I am a loyal lover. When I am in a relationship, I am all in and I put everything into it. I can only quit a relationship if the person betrays my trust because, to me, trust is everything.

“Trust is a big foundation for love. If I don’t trust a person, it would be hard to be with the person. If I date someone, I expect that you know what you have to offer. I believe that whatever I do for the person, I should get the same in return. I don’t like people lying to me.”

The model was at a point locked in a love triangle with her ex ‘name withheld’.

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