72nd UN general debate opens: 10 African leaders to speak [The Morning Call]

Ten African Presidents are billed to speak today in New York on the formal opening day of the general debate of global leaders at the 72nd session of the UN Assembly.

There will be two rounds of speeches with 18 lined up in the morning, and 18 in the afternoon.

President Alpha Conde of Guinea is scheduled as the first African leader to speak and seconded by Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria.

While Jacob Zuma of South Africa will complete the day. The theme for the 72nd session centers on “Placing the human being at the heart of efforts for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet”.

Meanwhile, US president Donald Trump is due to deliver a longer speech when he addresses the UN General Assembly for the first time.

He is expected to call for a harder line on North Korea and Iran.