CAR: Gradual integration of ex-militants underway

Ex-militants of armed groups in the Central African Republic are gradually joining the country’s army in a peace process.

The former militants have been selected from 14 groups after signing peace agreements in the Central African Republic under the Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration and Repatriation programme designed to rescue the country from chaos.

Authorities in the Central African Republic say the former militants will be trained to meet the demands of the military while others will be directed, with the support of the World Bank, towards socio-economic and community reintegration.

Only the first group has so far been recruited especially those from the provinces. Authorities say they hope to integrate about 250 more militants.

The next group of those to be integrated is expected in the next three months. The cost of the programme is estimated at 45 million US dollars.

The program will take place all across the country, and it is scheduled to be completed by November 2017.